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Immigration Visas in Minneapolis

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Family, Spouse, and Fiancé Visas

We bring families together by helping  U.S. Citizens to get legal permanent residency (Green Cards) for their foreign spouses, parents, and family members. We help U.S. Citizens to bring their fiancé / fiancée to the United States to get on the path to sharing their lives as citizens together. We can help you get immigration visas in Minneapolis and get help dealing with United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Customs & Border Protection (CBP).


We work with legal permanent residents to navigate the sometimes labyrinthine process of becoming citizens of the United States of America. Most legal permanent residents qualify to become citizens after being in LPR status for five years. But the rules are different for Green Card holders who got LPR status through marriage or asylum. Contact us today to find out if you qualify to apply for citizenship today.

Business and Work Visas

We advise U.S. companies, and foreign workers and investors to determine the right fit for the right worker. We consult with U.S. companies on compliance with the I-9 process. 

We work with foreign nationals in "E" visa status to engage in activities as treaty traders, treaty investors, or as employees of a qualifying E visa entity. 

We help U.S. companies to navigate the Department of Labor and immigration for "H" visas like the H-1B, H-2B, and H-3 visas. We help foreign nationals to visit the United States as exchange visitors in J-1 status. We help companies make intracompany transfers between foreign and domestic subsidiaries with the L-1 visa. 

And we help foreign nationals who have demonstrated extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, athletics, or the arts to work temporarily in the U.S. with the "O" visa.


We help immigrants and refugees who cannot return to their home country because of a "well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion" to avail themselves of the asylum process, whether through an affirmative or defensive petition.

Personal Bankruptcy

We help consumer debtors successfully navigate through Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy protection.

Family Law

We help clients with divorce/dissolution, adoption, and child support and custody matters.

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216 Uptown Office Park, 3249 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408-3441

(612) 822-4DPB (4372)


About Us



Dan Brown opened DPB Legal, PLLC in 2007 with a focus on immigration.  He believes that immigration is about human rights.  Almost all of us came here from somewhere else. It benefits all of us to understand something about immigration and how it affects all of us.  

The law provides the framework and the fabric that binds all of us together, so it's fitting that all of us should be able to stand on equal footing before the law.

DPB Legal, PLLC leverages years of experience both internationally and at home to get you the results you expect.

DPB Legal, PLLC operates in the spirit of a small town law office, with a focus on individual attention, and personal results.

Dan Brown


Dan is a 1993 graduate of Hamline University School of Law (now Mitchell Hamline School of Law).  In law school, Dan focused on international law. He competed in International Law Moot Court.  While in law school, he spent one summer in mainland China studying Chinese law.  He spent the other as a student intern clerk for a judge in Hennepin County.  

After law school he clerked for a 4th Judicial District judge in Minneapolis, then worked at West Publishing Company (now Thomson Reuters), before opening his own practice.  

Dan has also taught paralegal classes at local colleges, and prior to law school, taught English as a second language classes overseas in Taiwan for a year and a half.

Dan believes in the fresh start that immigration provides, and he is thrilled and inspired to be working to help families to live together as a unit, and follow their dreams, in the United States of America.

Experience & Recognition


Dan Brown, the attorney behind the DPB Legal, PLLC, has traveled extensively and lived and taught in Asia.  While living in Taiwan he studied Mandarin Chinese and got an in-depth look at what challenges face someone in an unfamiliar legal system.

Dan has been recognized for his work through the years, garnering a Humanitarian Award for his work while in Taipei and earning corporate recognition for his work on Westlaw®️ projects involving the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.  

Dan has also been listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals.